Back Pain

Lower back pain is a very common complaint and affects most people at some stage in their life . On the positive side however, most episodes of back pain resolve within a matter of weeks when managed correctly.

Muscle strain
Muscle strains are the most common cause of low back pain. You may or may not remember the initial event that triggered their muscle spasm, most episodes of back pain from muscle strains resolve completely within a few days

Disc prolapse/ Disc herniation
A ruptured disc, also called a herniated disc, is another common cause of back pain. This type of back pain can produce pain in the back and pain/symptoms in the leg commonly referred to as Sciatica .

Poor posture and lack of exercise can lead to excessive loading on the spine which over time can lead to pain and/or dysfunction

This refers to a wear and tear ( osteoarthritis) of the vertebrae. It occurs as intervertebral discs lose moisture and volume with age, which decreases the disc height. Even minor trauma under these circumstances can cause inflammation and nerve root impingement, which can produce classic sciatica without disc rupture.

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